Dr Mattia Salvini


PhD in Buddhist Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (London).
BA and MA Sanskrit from RKM Vivekānanda College Chennai, India.
Dean of Scriptural Language and of the Faculty of the Liberal Arts, International Buddhist College, Sadao Campus, Thailand (ibc.ac.th).

Why I Support "Sattva"?

sattva is a great choice of names, itself showing that the project begins from wholesome causes and conditions: I understand it as meaning both ‘sentient being’ as well as ‘intention’ and even ‘goodness’, and my own impression is that the driving force of this project is the intention to benefit sentient beings. The project starts from basic human concerns as the foundation for an open-minded Buddhist platform, with participants from different traditions, and is set up so as to appeal to a broad audience. It will help many people in forming a genuine connection with the Dharma and find deep joy in it; this seems like one of the best ways to use visible means to help the continuation of the invisible Dharma in the mind of sattvas.
bhavatu vaḥ sarvamaṅgalam