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Saddharma and Saddhamma: Notes from a conversation

February 28, 2021

Upāsaka Dharmavardhana Jñānagarbha To destroy all views, he taught the Saddharma,out of compassion: I bow to him, Gautama.Nāgārjuna Those who venerate the Saddhamma,who have abided in it, and are abiding in it,grow in the Dhamma,like well-moistened herbs.The second Kodhagaru Sutta When we analyze the Buddha, the Bhagavat, by reasoning that his Textual Tradition has been …

“Buddhist Studies and Buddhist Practice: The Role(s) of Sanskrit Chanting”

January 15, 2021

In this talk, Dr Mattia Salvini argues that the Sanskrit language itself, the chanting of Buddhist texts, and the chanting of Buddhist texts in Sanskrit, may offer unexpectedly useful keys to the contemporary absorption of Buddhist thought. The simple act of repeatedly chanting a Buddhist text could be the best meeting point of modern scholars (whether Buddhist …