Mission, Vision & Values

SATTVA PROJECT wishes to brings together a diverse group of leading spiritual leaders, teachers, scholars, experts, artists, media makers, advocates, activists, and funders committed to transformative spiritual and social change.


We intend to co-create a platform of togetherness that is based on integral values such as:

  • Inter-being,
  • Integrity,
  • Insightful reflections,
  • Inner healing &
  • Inclusive transformation


Mindful and positive approach in inter-dialogues to develop openness and embrace diversity in the multiple Buddhist traditions.
​We believe in the art of “being” with each other with the principles of THINKing wisely and kindly:
       T  – is it True?
       H – is it Helpful?
       I – is it Inspiring?
       N – is it Necessary?
       – is it Kind enough to bring


we believe in co-creating a safe, peaceful, blissful, harmonious and meaningful co-existing ecology between and among us; which is based on Universal Values such as freedom, human rights, non-violence, gender equity, social progress, human dignity etc.
we believe in bringing integral growth on an individual level (such as our body, mind and spirit) as well as collective level (such as systems and networks of shared values and cultural backgrounds etc.) in all aspects of humanity e.g. spirituality, science, psychology, social engagements etc.
with love, gentleness and deep understanding, we wish to bring in light-hearted and yet practical approaches in dealing with various diseases of our body, mind, emotions as well as our society as a whole.
We believe in promoting Truthfulness, Honesty, Open-heartedness and Ethical Conducts in all types of interactions and relationships. With communication based on Kindful Speech, Mindful Listening and Graceful Interbeing,
we believe that a Joyful Heart or a Blissful Mind IS the source of all well-being and happiness. A joyful life, indeed, will be the ultimate result of a heart that is always peaceful and  joyful. We wish to promote the art of joyfulness that is instrumental in bringing positive power and real resilience in facing our challengers and troubles, either locally and globally.