January 2022

New Moment, New Year, New Mind

December 2021

The Zen Wisdom in Not-Knowing

November 2021

The Mindful Practice of Forgiveness Part 1
The Zen of Practicing Patience

October 2021

Finding Security in Uncertainty

September 2021

Generating Joy Through the Practice of Gratitude

August 2021

Sitting Quietly-Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself
Touching the Heart Meditation – Healing Despair and Anxiety
Wisdom and Compassion – Integrating Zen and Metta
Spreading Loving Kindness in a Fearful World

July 2021

Guided Meditation on Buddha Sakyamuni Part 2
Mindfulness on Breath guided meditation
Just SIT!” Guided Zen Meditation

June 2021

Guided Healing Meditation on Buddha Sakyamuni
Mindfulness for Self Healing
Wake Up and Just DO It!” Guided Zen Meditation

May 2021

Mindful Healing Guided Meditation
Don’t Check – Just DO It” Guided Zen Meditation
Guided Healing Meditation on Buddha Shakyamuni
Mindfulness for Self Healing

April 2021

Tonglen Meditation
Dealing with Conflicts in the Mind – Untying the Knots

March 2021

Bhaisajyaguru – Healing Meditation on the Medicine Buddha
Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation
Just SIT – the Whole World is a Single Flower!” Guided Zen Meditation