Be a Happy and Wise Woman!

A modern woman can be a lot healthier, happier, and become more positive, progressive, living a meaningful and delightful life when they are aware of these 8 pointers:

  1.  Women need to learn to love themselves correctly, so that they know how to love their families and others correctly. It’s important to avoid spoiling the loved ones or being spoilt by them.
  2. Women should try their best to understand themselves, constantly engage in life-long learning, increase their critical and independent thinking, as well as enhancing their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-reliance, so that they would be able to reduce their expectation and dependence on others.
  3. Women need to understand their responsibilities and how to operate well in correct situation, correction relationship and correct actions. This requires life-long learning and practice. 
  4. Keep the grace, gentleness and beauty of a woman, maintain and preserve the kindness and flexibility of the feminine nature, but mustn’t take others for granted nor force themselves to endure the incorrect behaviors of family members or others, to avoid spoiling others or giving in to negative co-dependencies.
  5.  When a woman has her own economic capacity, she should try to maintain her financial status independently. Even if you are a full-time housewife, you should also strive for your own financial independence accordingly. 
  6. Marriage is not the whole life of a modern woman –  she should maintain various good interpersonal relationships with others, as long as she is able to be committed to the priority of her family responsibilities.
  7.  Neither being too humble nor overbearing, a woman should learn to be mindful, watchful and keep a low profile with her private life imbued with inner clarity; she should focus on her self-growth and allow her inner love and wisdom to blossom, and she should learn to attract what she wants in a skillful and wise way. She should blossom naturally by and by, and becomes stronger and stronger day by day! 
  8. She should develop faith in her ‘spiritual self’. By engaging oneself in certain spiritual practices such as meditation, prayers etc., women would become not only kinder but also wiser, more thoughtful and mindful on oneself and others. Regular practice of mindfulness meditation can calm the mind, bring us inner peace, concentration, stability and love, and our inner qualities such as compassion, wisdom and other potentials can grow and blossom as well – just like a beautiful lotus – fully grounded in the earth, aspiring toward the divine, ever blooming from within toward the light. This would produce a beautiful and meaningful life that we are all yearning for!

         A lotus-like heart – a wonderful world and a fulfilling life! 

My love and joyful greetings to all of you!

Eunice Chan (PhD and a Mindfulness Teacher)