Be present here and now, the gesture is your answer to the world. Next gesture gives a language to your action. May you be aware or not, you are the source of dance since your mother gave you this body of breath. You are performing a specific “network” each day.

To dance is simple truth, and to “be in dance”, is to surrender to your true nature, to let the poetry of your soul engage into adventure: the mysterious “first thought”. That unique vibration comes again and again as dots, each one contains a song, a movement, a prayer, an offering, a conversation.

My relationship with humanity started with faith. Strangely, I had no idea about how to find the path. Neither did anybody seem to understand how confuse a child feels when injustice, fear and anger freezes the world. This playful space, in which pure beauty and love appears as the child dances, seems for grown up people rather a stage for terror, a daily game of fools, the mirror of vanity.

Dance is my original faith. Dance is free, Dance is when the music inside of you gives a beat.
The heart beats on its own, and I breathe to feed the blood, to cleanse all of it. Dance is a natural state of union into joy. Children know Dance is bliss. Nobody understood it could be that simple. Yet, it is.

“Form is emptiness, Emptiness is form. Form is not different than emptiness, Emptiness is not different than form.”

This very situation is the camp for a “first thought”.  You know dance is empty and emptiness is no other than dance because you are the dance, you are space, you are the form, you are empty. That is what feels so great. Action free from its goal, Dance is as “way to be” and not “something to do”. As you enter the Dance, you are subject and you are object of the irresistible offering you became. Division vanishes on the spot. It just happens. Wisdom, rainbows, dance, clear insight: impossible to catch, yet awareness clears up with the fresh taste of freedom.

Yes, Art comes first.

“That was how language was first created” told me, during an interview in Bodhgaya for the magazine Animan, His Holiness Karmapa 17, Ogyen Thrinley Dordje.

Training body, speech and mind to keep focus on the core of your true heart, requires precise tools. Why? Only because our body is filled with habits that drives our attention elsewhere. Wisdom comes as “she” desires, rarely when “you” expect her. Now, to connect with the darkness of human’s dreams, and to keep on offering the light, breathing again and again for the first time, is the beginning of an inevitable journey. Once you entered the path, each step at a time, your life becomes a secret love affair.

They call me Yumma Mudra, please come and dance!
Dharma Art opens the clouds with a first thought.
Then, you know what to do, or how to not do, according to the ground.
Building Mandalas together as we invite wisdom into society requires discipline. Each one is  the center of an action and simultaneously we are all at the fringe of another. All of this interdependency sets up the play. It is the Dance. Wake up, human beings have the potential to heal. My vocation resumes in these experiences.

After rolling a long time, the stone is soft. We may relax.


The master guides the movement by the vocalized gesture of the breath. This process is the fruit of his own expertise as master « Choreosopher ». Without ever settling in a fixed exercise format, we will reverse each step of the methodology in order to open the range of possibilities. The inner experiences converge with direct sensation and listening to one’s own breath as we dance.

A few working tools:
– recognize the heartbeat to learn to pace the breath that is sounded
according to a natural musicality of the body that can be discovered little by little.
– while we dance:
1 / learn to feel and rebuild the structure of the body.
2 / learn how to effectively manage bone joints according to their natural structure and function.
3 / guide the passage of the breath through all the meridians towards the organs and the deep muscles of the skeleton.
4 / guide the energy through the diaphragms to activate the central column of the breath in the axis of the verticality of the body between heaven and earth.

These experiences gradually evolve through a dance of the musical breath, from the posture on the ground to a vertical standing up, walking and spinning, through infinite creative possibilities. 

However, group work must be adapted to the presence of the people who practice without fixing a « single methodology ». Participants are invited to come with an open mind that will allow them to spontaneously live the process and to allow the breath in them to manifest the deep musicality of the group. Unwanted fields of consciousness (often new to everyone) develop during the training sessions that are precisely guided by the master depending on the group’s presence and the commitment of each one.

Yumma Mudra 
University of Choresophy