Dr Rudolph Bauer Posts

Experiencing the Archetypal Realm: A Phenomenology of Self Liberation

March 8, 2021

​A person’s own inner most awareness and the movements within their awareness field bring forth their direct personal experience of their cosmological archetypal field of awareness. This spontaneous event is given to us within the archetypal realm of awareness. The archetypal dimension manifests itself as us, and reveals itself to us through our experience of …

The Great Perfection of Being a Human Being: The Direct Knowing of Being and the Metabolization of Experience

January 21, 2021

Rongzom Zangpo, the brilliant Dzogchen Master of the 11th Century ce Tibet taught that All Human beings are the profound field of awakening. In the language of Phenomenology, this means that all human beings are the profound field of Being. In this paper, we will phenomenologically explore the profound human experience of awakening to Being. We …

Pure Vision and The Vision of The Guru: A Phenomenology of Bewilderment

December 30, 2020

It is not easy to understand the nature of the guru and understanding the nature of the guru can be bewildering. There is often bewilderment about the guru. One source of the bewilderment is that people think that the guru is an individual person and for most people the understanding that the guru is not …